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Application Note


Battery Life

Here is some helpful information regarding the batteries in your PlanWheel scaler:

1. The batteries we ship with the scaler are carbon-zinc and have about half the life of alkaline cells. They are intended to get you working right away with your scaler, but when you replace them, buy regular alkalines and expect them to last longer.

2. Do not use rechargeable batteries with the scaler. Rechargeable batteries are lower voltage than regular batteries (1.25 volts instead of 1.5) and the low battery indicator can trigger even when they are fully charged.

3. If you use the computer model of our scaler, remember that the scaler will stay on while a computer program is communicating with the scaler. It will not automatically shut off. When you are done using your program, you should close the program or unplug the scaler so it will shut off (after about seven minutes). Note that minimizing the program will not work.

4. The scaler actually works down to a very low battery voltage, much lower than the indicator shows. Once the low battery indicator starts flashing, you should be able to finish your takeoff, but be sure to replace the batteries as soon as you have a chance.

5. If you don't use your scaler for an extended length of time, be sure to remove the batteries.

6. When you replace the batteries, replace both batteries at the same time and observe the proper polarity.